The Printing Process

The print making process produces a series of unique prints known as an edition.  Each one has it’s own characteristic tones depending upon the preparation of the plate.  Each print is individually numbered as part of the edition. There are a limited number of prints done in each edition and once that number is produced the plate is destroyed or no longer used.  This ensures the value of the print is not diluted by unlimited copies being made

Nicky uses a range of materials to create his etchings including copper, zinc, aluminium and plastic plates.

Lines are engraved or etched into the plate, ink is applied and the plate is wiped back until the desired effect is achieved.

Meanwhile the special acid free etching paper is soaked in water.  The plate and the paper are then rolled through the printing press producing an image.

A second colour can be introduced to the image with another plate.  The background colour is printed first. While the ink is still wet the second plate image is printed over the top.  This method creates secondary tones as the colours blend.

See below for an example of the etching process: